Minsk group of the bread products JSC, the leader in the production of goods at flour-and-grain market of the Republic of Belarus, is open for cooperation and can offer different variants of partnership depending on the purpose of the products usage.

1.    Production use

Minsk group of the bread products JSC offers flour, grains, baking mixes and grain blends for production of bakery, pastry and snacks. The produced products have passes the state hygienic registration in the Public Health Ministry of the Republic of Belarus and was certified in accordance with the requirements of the effective TNLA of the National system of certification of the Republic of Belarus. Modern production technologies and the usage of good-quality primary products provide the production of high quality goods, safe for humans health.  

Composite grain blends Minskie produced by Minsk group of the bread products JSC are an alternative variant of imported analogs and combine acceptable price and quality. The enterprise has worked out 3 recipes of composite grain blends which consist, in different portions, of flax seeds and sunflower seeds, rye flakes, wheat rain, crushed grains: barley, wheat, buckwheat, oatmeal, rice. If it is required, our specialists are ready to work out a new recipe of composite grain blends.

The products delivery can be made both by your own automobile and rail transport, and by customers transport. The delivery can also be made by involved automobile and rail transport.

The packing of goods is made into transport and consumers package optionally.

Your manager will help you to make your choice and will answer all the questions you are interested in.

2. For wholesale and retail trade

Minsk group of the bread products JSC offers flour, big variety of grains and flour blends of Stolichnaya melnitsa trade mark for wholesale and retail trade. The products are in steady at the market of the Republic of Belarus, and its quality affirmed by the certificates and different awards it received at competitions and fairs. Modern colorful package design singles out the products at stores shelves. With the help of market research and taking into account consumers preferences, the company produces the goods that cover the requirements of consumers.

You can learn about the range of goods in the electronic catalogue and make your order with the help of Your manager.

3. For importers

Minsk group of the bread products JSC is one of the leading exporters of rye flour in the Republic of Belarus. Terms of cooperation to be agreed, taking into account the interests of both sides.

 Contact person Chief of Export-import department Ivan Verenich.

tel.             +375 17 294 04 59     

mob.             +375 29 188 66 31           

 4. For grain suppliers

For the production of Stolichnaya melnitsa goods high-quality raw materials are used.

The delivered wheat must comply with GOST 9353-90. The grain quality must correspond to the grinding conditions.

Delivery: by rail or automobile transport to Minsk group of the bread products JSC warehouse (Minsk, Slesarnaya Str. 48). The grain acceptance is made by lots in the amount, range and within the period of time stipulated by the Delivery Contract. The delivery by automobile transport is made from 8-00 till 16-45 in working days, by rail transport twenty-four-hour and without days off. In the period of harvest, grain acceptance is made twenty-four-hour and without days off by any transport.

The approval of grain quality conformity is made by industrial-engineering laboratory of the company.

Contact person Ivashkevich Yury Petrovich.

tel.             +375 17 294 34 19       

The company is interested in long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Minsk group of the bread products JSC  means the best traditions, modern technologies, flexibility in work, acceptable prices and excellent quality of the produced products.